Pinewood Toronto Studios
Industry: Film Production
Products/Services: Structured Cabling Systems

Pinewood Toronto Studios is a major film and television studio complex in Toronto, Ontario, and is the largest of its kind in Canada. It’s the first in Toronto capable of accommodating the product of large blockbuster movies, and thus required the necessary cable system to support such endeavors.

Tone Performance worked and serviced Pinewood Toronto Studios since 2010 and provided over 400 horizontal runs of CommScope Cat.6A, Fiber Optic Backbone, and Copper Distribution Cables throughout the campus via underground duct works and manholes. These projects connected the three movie studios to the main office building, enabling a seamless connection of data in between. Tone Performance has since finished servicing their newer projects, such as the Studios #A Expansion in 2018 and the New Building Mills Shop 7 in 2019, of which required Cat.6A Horizontal Cabling and Fiber Backbone connections to the main office building 3 km away.