Paging is a simple one-way communication system that can provide quick and simple messages to employees. It’s reliant on a network of speakers hardwired into the building’s infrastructure, but once it is set up, it is a good investment for many. Immediate messages can be broadcasted to one area or even all areas of the company simultaneously. No broadcast mediums (i.e. other hardware devices) are needed as employees only need their phone!


Some companies need to communicate with several employees at a time, and it’s not feasible to huddle around a single phone speaker to do so. Our AV and Video–Conferencing solutions are here to help! They allow employees to have first-rate audio quality for conference calls of several people at once! This is a must for projects with large groups, especially if you dislike waiting for that one email reply with important information! In the same vein, our other AV solutions are focused towards sound, allowing you to have a high-quality experience at a reasonable cost!


Headsets are products that provide a sense of relief for employees when they’re attached to calls all day. They are light and versatile – employees can move around and not sit down for hours upon hours, giving them freedom from their desk. Many of these products also offer noise cancellation, ensuring employees can have crystal-clear quality without missing a beat! They are often times so comfortable that you can wear them and not notice their presence!