The products we use provides reliable performances for Insertion Loss, Channel cross talk, Improved band width, Data throughput and Network efficiency.

For the small businesses and projects that want great performance, we recommend Category 6 cables from the Commscope Uniprise line. They provide exceptional speed and reliability, and are recommended for most roles in the office. If you require cables that can withstand higher technology-driven requirements, we recommend the slightly more costly Commscope Systimax GigaSpeed XL cables. These cables are industry-leading in cable technology, and exceed the required Category 6 cabling standards by 6 decibles well before industry standards were created.

When there are projects that required to be future-proof, or if you desire top performance in cabling, we recommend the Systimax Category 6A GigaSpeed X10D solution. This type of cabling supports up to 10 Gdps, and can enable you to push your cabling requirements to the limit (especially if you are PoE device heavy). It also exceeds even the latest PoE standards and other Cat6A products on the market (as of 2018 when the research was done).


  • Higher-performance Wi-Fi backhaul
  • Distributed compact switches
  • LAN on motherboard
  • HD video
  • Expanding PoE applications


It exceeds the Category 6A Class EA standards in the following:

  • Reduced-diameter UTP and shielded cables
  • Eliminates the “15 meter” rule
  • Robust construction overcomes noisy environments
  • Intelligent and intelligent-ready options for imVisionĀ® AIM