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Konftel 300W Analog / VOIP Wireless


Products Description

The Konftel 300 can be connected to analogue telephone lines, wireless DECT telephones, mobile phones and computers for VoIP calls. The most exciting developments are the built-in recording capability, a unique conference guide with number recall memory, as well as a host of other new features, all easily accessible through the large display screen.

It features connectivity options for headsets, loudspeaker equipment and additional microphones - making it ideal for lectures and talks in larger meeting rooms.

Key Features...

• SD memory card input - Record your meetings & listen on the phone or computer (optional)
• A mini USB allows the phone to be loudspeaker & microphone during wideband VoIP calls
• Connectors for expansion microphones, external loudspeakers or wireless headsets (optional)
• The Line Mode function switch between different connections - analogue, USB, GSM/DECT
• The unique conference guide helps you set up multi-party calls, the phone numbers you call most often can be stored in groups