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IP Telephony

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What is IP Telephony

IP Telephony offers new types of applications to improve business processes and new ways of working.

Voice over IP (VoIP) is the underlying technology for IP Telephony and has many uses in the business world; if you think IP Telephony is just about free calls over the IP network think again! 

The convergence of voice with data and IP-based services on a single network offers new types of applications to improve business processes and new ways of working. IP Telephony enables businesses to integrate their business processes with their communications to improve efficiencies.

IP Telephony provides mobile and home workers with all the features functionality they'd have at the office; it provides call centre agents with instant access to customer information

IP enables a single network to handle all communication needs - voice, data and multimedia services across IP networks of all types; from home networks to business intranets, to the internet and the World Wide Web. IP means one network to manage for all communications over all office locations.

Click here to download "VoIP for Dummies"

This document is provided by Avaya, and is a great source of information for those not familiar with voice over IP. It breaks down the "tech-speak" into an easy to understand format.


Voice over IP (VoIP), what it is and how it works

IP telephony enables voice communication over internet protocol ( VoIP ) networks. VoIP unites an organization's many locations - including mobile workers - into a single converged network . VoIP promises cost savings by combining voice and data on one network that can be centrally maintained, as well as by eliminating call charges for calls between locations.

IP telephony works by converting voice communications into data packets. Telephones are connected to data ports on the IP network. But the function of a telephone system can easily be provided using a device that is already connected to the network - the PC.

Terms such as client-server telephony, telephony-enabled LAN, pure IP telephony , converged telephony , and LAN telephony all describe the same fundamental, distributed IP telephony architecture. Simply put, our products support both distributed (client-server) IP telephony and IP-enabled PBXs without forcing customers to compromise on either approach.

Instead of a separate, multi-line phone beside the PC at each desk, IP telephony allows software on the PC to serve as a "soft" phone. Software, unlike telephone hardware, is easily upgraded and enhanced, without work disruption, without equipment cost… without even visiting every desk.

The concept of transmitting voice over a data network is exciting to companies that are maintaining intranet connections for all of their branch offices, while paying for voice circuits to PBXs in those same locations. The cost savings alone are appealing - although security, reliability, and quality questions can make network managers apprehensive about IP telephony . That's why Tone offers Avaya's range of comprehensive communication systems and solutions for delivering secure, scalable IP telephony across the enterprise.



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