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What is a hosted or cloud based telephony solution?

Essentially, cloud based telephony moves the control server and trunk lines to a data center in the cloud.  All the call control and voice calls are provided through a high speed internet link. Phones are the only equipment kept on site. With this model, you don’t have to worry about maintenance, upgrades etc., you just pay a monthly fee per user.

On-premise solutions are installed locally and occupy space on your business' servers and computers. Fees are typically paid one, and are therefore considered a capital expenditure. Cloud solutions are hosted on vendor servers and accessed through a web browser. The fees are assed either monthly or yearly, on a subscription basis. This model increases scalability and limits or removes maintenance fees, as well as the need to hire specialized staff, in most cases.

How Does it Work?

You will be provided with quality IP phones that will connect to a real Xorcom VOIP phone system located in our data center. You and your staff can use your phones from anywhere you like - from your office,your home office, remote offices, etc. Your staff will beable to communicate with each other seamlessly no matter where they are physically located.

Key Advantages cloud based telephony

Lower initial equipment cost and set‐up cost

No maintenance costs of the IP‐PBX, but all on‐premise and remote phones and network devices are the responsibility of the customer

Low monthly service cost

Not bounded by hardware (Traditional phone system requires proprietary phone set from a particular manufacturer, with cloud telephony solution any SIP Compliant phones will work e.g. Cisco, Polycom, Grandnstream,

Easy to add extra lines or users

Picking and canceling virtual numbers is easy and fast

Moving a phone system is easy. IP phone is plugged into a broadband connection.

Patches and upgrades of the IP‐PBX are handled by the provider


Loss of Internet or catastrophic event has no effect on operations because calls can be sent to voice mail or forwarded to a mobile phone. This is because of redundancy within an off‐site facility that has safeguards including backup power sources.

Tone Performance Hosted PBX Offering Starting at only $17.99 per node

We offers pricing plans for every company and every budget - starting as low as $17.99 per user!  Low initial cost, no maintenance cost and much more.

Included Features

  • Basic Telephone call features (Call Hold, Call Transfer, Call Forward,, Caller ID, Extension Dialing, Do Not Disturb, Call Logs, 3 Way Conference)
  • Unlimited Canada Wide Dialing
  • Mobility (Get immediate access to your phone extension from your iOS or Android devices.)
  • Company Main Number with Local Number Portability (Port your business phone number)
  • Virtual Auto-Attendant (Automatically direct callers to various extensions or departments without the need to go through an operator.)
  • Huntgroups (Ring a series of associated numbers until someone answers or the call is sent to a group voicemail.)
  • Custom Outbound Caller (CLID can be customized the external Caller ID for your business phone number)
  • Voicemail-to-Email (voicemail are presented to users as a WAV file)
  • Failover Service (If your phone is out of service due to any kind of interruption, a failover phone number can be pre-assigned)


Pay For Use Features

  • Direct Dial Numbers (DID Gain a dedicated, unique number, so anyone can call you directly instead of working through the office main number and receptionist (virtual or human).  $xx per month

  • Unlimited North America Long Distance Dialing  $xx per month


  • Fax to Email (Receive fax messages to your email address) $xx per month


  • Toll Free Service 1-8XX (A toll-free number makes it easier and more affordable for your customers to contact your business, as they are not charged for the calls that they place into your number.  $xx per month


Tonperformance Hosted PBX Advantages

Work Wherever and Whenever
Access your phone service from your mobile phone, desk phone, a conference room — wherever you need to be.

Super Simple Pricing with no Hidden Cost
Packages start for as little as $16.99/month and include all phone service, Caller ID, and voicemail right out of the box.

Per Usage based Payment
Add new users, add-ons, features, or phones whenever you choose and only pay for what you use.

Keep your Existing Business Number
Keep your existing numbers — porting your phone numbers to Tonperformance Hosted PBX is easy and free.

Crystal Clear Toll Voice Quality at a Fantastic Price
A professional toll quality business phone system, at a fraction of what it usually costs. 

Complete Failover Support
Loss of Internet or Power, no worry, with Toneperformance Hosted PBX all phones can have a failover phone number.