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Cisco 800 Series routers

The Cisco 800 Series routers deliver the same technology that powers over eighty percent of the Internet affordably to small offices and telecommuters alike. The 800 series makes it possible for small service providers to utilize award-winning Cisco IOS software technology as part of their managed network service. Strengthened by Cisco IOS software technology, the Cisco 800 Series of routers supplies a wide range of rich integrated security services, advanced Quality of Service features for high quality voice, video and data applications, and easy deployment and wireless management features all at broadband speeds.

Cisco Systems offers five Integrated Services router models options to their valued consumers: the 851, 857, 871, 876 , 877, 878. All models utilize Cisco IOS, providing straightforward operations, centralized management capabilities, low cost of ownership and proven reliability. The Cisco 800 Series integrated services routers offer (in summary) features such as:

  • Built-in security
  • Cisco Router and Security Device Manager (SDM) * A fixed platform
  • One WAN connection, with multiple options
  • Four 10/100 Mbps managed switch ports
  • Close to 20 VPN tunnels
  • Support wo wireless local-area network (LAN) standards: 802.11b and 802.11g
  • Suitable for ISDN, serial connections (Frame Relay, leased lines, X.25 or asynchronous dialup), IDSL, and ADSL connections
  • Enhanced Security using VPNs with integrated stateful firewall and IPSec encryption
  • Field-upgradable memory options to allow easy migration to the latest networking features

Fax Finder

E-FAX Solution By Tone Performance, Get Rid of your FAX Machine and Go Green:

Main Office, Remote Office Locations and Mobile Employees

Distributed fax solution for all local and remote offices and field sales people



•          All employees have access to FaxFinder, eliminating the need for a fax machine(s) at each location

•          Faxes are delivered to user’s email inbox with increased privacy and security

•          Cost containment by eliminating the cost of  fax paper, toner and maintenance




Main Benefits:

Save a Ton of time on all your incoming and outgoing fax tasks

Never miss an important fax

Send all faxes INSTANTANEOUSLY directly from your cmoputer

Send one Fax to Multiple Recipients with the click of a mouse

Route incoming Faxes to a PRIVATE FAX NUMBER



FORWARD FAXES with the click of a mouse


DETAIL REPORTS of all your incoming and outgoing Fax traffic

What it does?

It will allow everybody in the company to have their own private fax number
receiving faxes into an existing email software - no new additional dedicated software required for receiving faxes.

It will allow anybody (with the proper user name and password) on the company's local area network to send faxes directly from their computer

Let's start to be economical and ecological again!!